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Psycho Champagne

A couple of pieces of Hitchcock news via Alain Kerzoncuf! On Thursday September 27th, The Space will be streaming Hitchcock’s 1928 silent classic “Champagne” with a new score by Mira Calix, live from the BFI on London’s Southbank. Betty Balfour Secondly, Dread Central has a cool video showing scenes that...

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Hitchcock Film Festival in New York

The Jacob Burns Film Center (364 Manville Road in Pleasantville, NY) is showing a season of Hitchcock under the banner of “Hitchcock Returns” throughout July. The list of films is: Notorious – July 2, 6, 7 Dial M for Murder – July 3, 4 Lifeboat – July 5, 9 The...

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The Lady Vanishes in HD

The Cornerhouse in Manchester (UK) is showing Hitchcock’s 1938 film “The Lady Vanishes” on May 25th 2008. Although there’s nothing about this on the web site, apparently this is a new digital restoration and will be shown in HD.

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Hitchcock retrospective in Austria

Hitchcock fans in Austria will want to check out the Hitchcock retrospective at the Österreichisches Filmmuseum, running from 01/Dec/2007 to 04/Feb/2008. The press releases are available here and here, and there’s also a copy archived on the wiki. The web site also has a collection of hi-res Hitchcock images!

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In 1919, whilst he was working at W.T. Henley’s Telegraph Works, Hitchcock edited and wrote articles for the in-house newsletter “Henley Telegraph“. Nearly 90 years later, director Sylvie Bolioli and Polaris Productions Ltd took one of the Hitchcock short stories that appeared in the Henley Telegraph — Gas — and...

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Vertigo celebrations at San Juan Bautista

Just a quick reminder that the Vertigo weekend at the San Juan Bautista (San Francisco) is only a week away now: Highlights of the event include: viewing and discussion of the film mass in memory of Mr. Hitchcock and his wife Alma auction and gala fundraiser at Casa Maria...