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Hitchcock Gallery


The Hitchcock Gallery is a collection of over 6,000 images relating to Alfred Hitchcock and his films.

The copyright of the images are owned by their original author and/or the respective film studios.

Specific Films

The 1000 Frames of Hitchcock project contains 52,000 images taken from DVDs of the 52 surviving Hitchcock films.

Specific People



Recent Additions

Photograph of the southern end of Salmon Lane where Hitchcock grew up, taken in the early 1920s.US one sheet publicity poster for ''Family Plot'' (1976).Pre-production photograph of Manny Balestrero's house, used as a reference for ''The Wrong Man'' (1956).Publicity still for ''Vertigo'' (1958).Publicity still for ''Strangers on a Train'' (1951).Publicity still for ''Strangers on a Train'' (1951).On set photograph from ''Torn Curtain'' (1966).On set photograph from ''Torn Curtain'' (1966).Photograph taken during location filming for ''Topaz'' (1969).Publicity still for ''Topaz'' (1969).Photograph of Christopher Olsen practising Que Sera, Sera with Jay Livingston and Ray Evans.Publicity still for ''Mr and Mrs Smith'' (1941).Publicity still for ''Shadow of a Doubt'' (1943).Photograph of Alfred Hitchcock and David O. Selznick.Production drawing by John DeCuir for ''Saboteur'' (1942).Publicity still for ''Saboteur'' (1942).Publicity still for ''Sabotage'' (1936).Publicity still for ''Psycho'' (1960).Publicity still for ''Psycho'' (1960).Publicity still for ''Notorious'' (1946).Publicity still for ''North by Northwest'' (1959).Photograph taken on the set of ''North by Northwest'' (1959).Photograph taken during a script conference for ''Lifeboat'' (1944). L-R: Kenneth Macgowan, Alfred Hitchcock, Alma Reville & Jo Swerling.On set photograph from ''Lifeboat'' (1944).Photograph of Hitchcock accepting the Thalberg Award from director Robert Wise at the 1968 Academy Awards.Photograph of the Hitchcock family, taken in 1956.Publicity still for ''The Trouble with Harry'' (1955).Photograph taken during location filming for ''Frenzy'' (1972).Publicity still for ''Family Plot'' (1976).Mini lobby card for ''Family Plot'' (1976).

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