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Film Frames

The 1000 Frames of Hitchcock project provides 1000 frames from each of Hitchcock's 52 major surviving movies.

Hitchcock Gallery

The majority of images used on the site are available in the Hitchcock Gallery.

For images relating to a specific film, you can also use the following links:

Latest Images

Front cover of The Short Night by Ronald Kirkbride.Promotional material for ''Family Plot'' from March 1974.Promotional material for ''Family Plot'' from March 1975.Promotional material for ''Frenzy'' from June 1972.Promotional material for ''Topaz'' from October 1969.Promotional item from ''The Independent Film Journal'' (14/Apr/1976).Alfred Hitchcock and François Truffaut at the International Film Importors and Distributors of America annual awards ceremony in 1974.Front cover of ''Flamingo Feather'' by Laurens van der Post.Letter dated 28/Jun/1941 from writer Samson Raphaelson to Hitchcock detailing his thoughts about the ending to ''Suspicion''.Memo from George Schaefer (Jun/1941)|Memo sent in late June 1941 from George Schaefer, head of production at RKO, to Hitchcock with a suggestion for how ''Suspicion'' could end.Undated Memo from Samson Raphaelson (undated)|memo from Samson Raphaelson to Hitchcock regarding the screenplay for ''Suspicion'' (1941).Publicity still for ''Woman to Woman''.Publicity still for ''The White Shadow''.Publicity still for ''The Mountain Eagle''.Photograph taken during the filming of ''The Pleasure Garden''. L-R: unknown, Miles Mander, Alfred Hitchcock, Gaetano di Ventimiglia.Publicity still for ''The Birds'', taken by photographer Philippe Halsman.Publicity still for ''Rear Window''.Publicity still for ''The Birds''.Publicity still for ''Psycho'' of Alfred Hitchcock.Photograph of Alfred Hitchcock's father William Hitchcock|William, taken outside the family store. Although the child on the horse is often said to be Alfred, it is more likely to be his older brother William Hitchcock Jr.|William as the bunting indicates the photograph was taken in 1897 during Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. The girl on the right might be Hitchcock's sister Ellen Hitchcock|Ellen.Publicity still for ''The Lodger''.Publicity still for ''The Mountain Eagle''.Publicity still for ''The Pleasure Garden''.Publicity still for ''The Farmer's Wife''.Publicity still for ''Stage Fright'' of Alfred Hitchcock outside the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.On set photograph of Alfred Hitchcock.Publicity still for ''Strangers on a Train''.Publicity still for ''The 39 Steps'' (1935) of Robert Donat as Richard Hannay.Publicity still for ''The Mountain Eagle''.Publicity still for ''The Mountain Eagle''.


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